About The Artist

Zana Ranđelović-Brown considers herself an "art gypsy", migrating throughout the world, searching for inspiration, celebrating life and painting from the heart. Her work is a joyful expression of the beauty of nature and the feminine soul.

"I don't paint people, I paint feelings", says Zana.

Each of the women she paints is a soul whose energy Zana embraces and portrays on canvas. Blossoming with flowers, Zana's women celebrate the exuberant of the feminine mystique.

Zana Ranđelović-Brown is a native of Serbia, where she grew up in the small town of Bor. Today, Zana lives and works in New Orleans, where she creates elegant interiors and sheds light trough her paintings. Zana is mom of whimsical boy Luka. She loves spending early mornings in her Mid City studio, sipping strong Turkish coffee and painting with her tortoise Lola.

Zana's work can be found in private collections throughout the Unites States and Europe.